My job and my passion are to help women get into great shape, improve their health, and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life.

Drawing on my experience as a Personal Trainer, as well as having that real biomechanical mind, I teach women how to get every single muscle into perfect shape with my unique Train Like a Woman programme. With a strong fitness background, an ex gymnast and slalom water-skier, my aim is to educate and get women to understand how their bodies function, and to eradicate all the confusion.

Originally from South Africa, I’ve had an amazingly colourful life and travelled extensively studying and teaching health and fitness along the way. It was an honour to have been voted one of Britain’s top personal trainers by the “Best of British” publications and a huge privilege to have trained Princess Diana for seven years.

Train with me on ZOOM and maximize your results in the least amount of time.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 7.30am UK time (recordings of all classes sent out).

I am also available for online training via Zoom or Skype

I want every woman to know that it's incredibly easy to get into shape when you have the right formula and get the formula right.

Jenni Rivett

My Method

The number one factor in any exercise programme should be exercise technique. My method teaches women how to execute perfect form with each and every exercise which is key to muscle adaptations. My exercises are multi-dimensional, thereby working the larger muscle groups as well as the deep stabilizing muscles, getting to the core of the abs and every other muscle, especially those "mummy bits". After just a few short sessions you will honestly feel tight, toned, smaller and firmer.

We are women, we want to look like women and therefore we should train like women! My Train Like a Woman method is a combination of my favourite,” butt forming, lean legs, and gorgeous abs” exercise routines which I have designed to create fit, firm and beautiful looking bodies.

I am more than adamant that women do not need to lift ultra heavy weights or work out on gym machines. Women need to learn correct exercise technique and form first and foremost. Women need to understand the crucial role exercise and healthy, nourishing food play in manipulating the hormones that make them fat and the hormones that make them thin.

My method is a fusion of weights, bands and kettlebells which I have put together into a variety of combinations to ensure you get a seriously “kick ass” workout which includes cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

In a nutshell; “Allow me to take the guesswork out of your training”.


“I love working out with Jenni. She is the best trainer with the best results I’ve ever achieved! Her unique style of training does exactly what it says – tones, lengthens and sculpts the body whilst simultaneously shedding fat with her quick and effective HIIT programme. She has the knack to target the precise areas women tend to feel self-conscious about. And her butt blast is ….amazing”

ROXIE NAFOUSI - Blogger, Writer & Wellness Ambassador

“Jenni created a routine that worked out my whole body. After the first session I could barely walk but it was amazing how quickly I noticed a difference. Thanks to Jenni’s hard work and my determination I lost just over a stone and was a size twelve”.
Excerpt from “Lorraine The Autobiography”

LORRAINE KELLY - Britain’s best loved TV presenter

“Jen is gorgeous, has a great sense of fun and possesses an enviable body. Her main interests lie in changing women’s bodies and results are her passion…and results she gets! I’ve been to many personal trainers, attended different types of fitness classes and followed various DVD programmes. She comes out tops of all of them, without any doubt.”

JENNY WORNER - Creator of the international award winning Karkloof Safari Spa

“Jenni Rivett is the real deal. I Love her South African accent and her wicked sense of humour! She truly understands a woman’s body and therefore you feel comfortable with her wealth of knowledge within seconds of meeting her. Jenni has an amazing eye for maximising each and every exercise with perfect form making her workouts time- efficient and effective.”

TANYA ROSE - Founder & CEO Mason Rose and Author of Travel Secrets

“Jen is my biggest inspiration! She is the epitome of perfection and a living example of what she teaches. Her knowledge of the body is above and beyond anyone I have ever met and her ability to transform bodies is unmatched.”

TESS ANNE MOLYNEAUX - Qualified Pilates Instructor

“Jenni Rivett was an inspiration the moment I set eyes on her! With her perfect body she’s the best walking advertisement for her life changing exercise and health programme. After following her advice on exercise and nutrition I lost 10kg within a couple of months. I felt super healthy and had tons of energy. Jenni has given me the tools to maintain my goal weight and to continue living a healthy and productive life.”

PATRICIA LEWIS - Singer, Actress & Television Presenter


Welcome to my blog

I'm here to guide you with your most important asset, your body and your health and I look forward to delivering many happy, informative hours of reading to all you special ladies out there.

Drawing on my years of experience I aim to dispel the confusion caused by the array of conflicting advice currently in the marketplace. My goal is to short cut you to a healthy, happy and uncomplicated tried and tested health and fitness plan.

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