Allow me to fast-track you to a Fit, Firm & Beautifully Toned Body

My job and my passion are to help women get into great shape, improve their health, and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life.

Drawing on my experience as a Personal Trainer, as well as having that real bio-mechanical mind, I teach women how to get every single muscle into perfect shape with my unique Train Like a Woman programme. With a strong fitness background, an ex-gymnast and slalom water-skier, my aim is to educate and get women to understand how their bodies function, and to eradicate all the confusion.

“I want every woman to know that it’s incredibly easy to get into shape when you have the right formula and get the formula right.”

Jenni Rivett

Former Personal Trainer to Princess Diana

My Method

The number one factor in any exercise programme should be exercise technique. My method teaches women how to execute perfect form with each and every exercise which is key to muscle adaptations. My exercises are multi-dimensional, thereby working the larger muscle groups as well as the deep stabilizing muscles, getting to the core of the abs and every other muscle, especially those “mummy bits”. After just a few short sessions you will honestly feel tight, toned, smaller and firmer.

We are women, we want to look like women and therefore we should train like women! My Train Like a Woman method is a combination of my favourite,” butt forming, lean legs, and gorgeous abs” exercise routines which I have designed to create fit, firm and beautiful looking bodies.

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I’m here to guide you with your most important asset, your body and your health and I look forward to delivering many happy, informative hours of reading to all you special ladies out there.

Drawing on my years of experience I aim to dispel the confusion caused by the array of conflicting advice currently in the marketplace. My goal is to short cut you to a healthy, happy and uncomplicated tried and tested health and fitness plan.

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Train with me on ZOOM and maximise your results in the least amount of time. Recordings of all classes sent too.

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I am also available for private online training and consulting via Skype or Zoom.

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