If you don’t consistently eat enough to sustain your energy output you will store fat!


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Are You Getting Your D’s?

You May Not Be Getting Enough Vitamin D… And It’s So Important! 

The Best Way To Train Your Body

Now You Have a Reason To Exercise! 

Wait Loss

When you don’t eat for a while, amazing things happen in your body!

Lose Menopausal Belly Fat In 10 Days! 

Is This Really Possible? 

Keep Your Joints Young And Happy!

Why do my joints crack and crunch during exercise?

Get Your Lean On!

With Human Growth Hormone

How To Get Rid Of Cellulite In 2 Weeks.

And 3 Other Myths

Women And Their Diets

Stop The Insanity! 

You Can Stop The Clock With Exercise!

Learn About Your Telomeres.

Honey Roasted Carrot & Parsnip Soup

Yummy & Nutritious!

Step Over The Line.

How to move your body into it’s (rightful) lean space forever.

Protein, Carb & Fat Intake.

How to get the correct balance.

Happy, Healthy Hormones.

It’s all about chemistry Baby!

How to maximize your most powerful ‘Lean & Youth’ hormone!

Human Growth Hormone – The Rules.

Put your mask on and keep your dumbell distance!

How to keep healthy, fit and sane during lockdown!

A Joint Affair.

Could this be the missing link in your fitness programme?

Hormone Health.

It’s All About Chemistry.

What cardio is best for weight loss?

LIIS, HIIT or Moderate Intensity?

The Power Of Drinking Lemon Water.

Detox Your Body & Skin.

Jen’s Healthy, Yummy Granola

The only problem – it’s so more…ish!!!!!

Understanding the most influential muscle group in the body!

And why you need to extend, extend, extend.

Acid / Alkaline Balance

Balancing your pH will dramatically improve every area of your health!

Your Lymphatic System

An EPIC bodily system you cannot afford to ignore!

I. D. E. A.

Four major areas of your health you can change through a healthy lifestyle.

How to stay in shape on your vacation.

A sensible approach.


Nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant and internal sunscreen.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Balance your hormones……and everything else!

Protein – The King of Lean!

Are you reaching your daily needs?

Keep your feet on the ground!

How to dramatically improve your health and slow down ageing!

How to incorporate a 5 minute stretch into your day.

And why you really should be doing this.


Stand up and pay attention to this powerful hormone!

Calories in versus calories out!

Do you still count calories?

Defining the difference between HIIT and steady state cardio!

Do You Know The Difference?


The Most Effective HIIT Programme You Will Ever Do!

Your HIIT List

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Of HIIT Training


Fasting for weight loss?

Love Your Liver

The liver is often referred to as the master gland in the body and in Chinese medicine, it is king!

Look After Your Gut Health

Happy Gut, Happy You!

You Snooze, You Loose

Sleep To Lose Weight

Walk Away From Fat

De-friend Your Sofa

Warming Up

The Best Technique

Sugar Stay, Or Sugar Go?

Fruit Could Be Making You Fat!

What Women Want

Are You Bulking Up In All The Wrong Places?

On The Rebound

Jump your way to health on the rebounder.

6 small tips which could make a BIG difference to your health

You may be doing it it all wrong with one little mistake.

No Pain, No Gain…True or False?

What stiffness after a work-out could mean, and how you can avoid it.

Diet or exercise for weight loss?

Find out which one has the biggest impact on weight loss.

Top 30 healthiest foods of all time

Anti-ageing, anti inflammatory, alkaline forming and packed with nutrients.

Fit, Lean & Healthy. It’s Your Choice!

Fast-track your knowledge on how create your best body possible.

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