women and their diets

As women we are always on the lookout for better ways to improve our health, look younger, lose weight and get lean and toned.

But why, please tell me why, do us women think that being fit, healthy and slim is unattainable? It’s only reserved for the gifted few! “I’ll never look like that!”

The pain us women are willing to put ourselves through is both unnecessary and detrimental to both our health and our mindset. When I look at my own dieting history, the biggest I ever got was when I was desperately trying to be on a diet. And by the way – overtraining too.

We always make reference to the fact that we are “on a diet,” and then we go “off the diet” when we lose the weight and obviously because diets are not sustainable. A clear recipe for failure where you’ll more than likely regain the weight and then some!

So allow me to say it again – it’s easier to be lean, fit and healthy than you realise. Stop overthinking it! Stop over complicating it! And stop believing everything you read!

I learned this when I studied clinical nutrition. As a general rule of thumb.

  • It takes the body 21 days to recognize change.
  • A further 21 days to internalize that change.
  • And a final 21 days for transformation.

That is 63 days – 8 weeks – 2 months.

How many of you can honestly say you have been on a healthy eating and exercise plan (not some ridiculous diet) and stuck with it for 63 days?

So the way forward is as follows:

  • Get into a healthy eating plan, not for a month, not to lose weight for an upcoming event – but for life.
  • Do this for two months without guilt – even if you go off track occasionally.
  • Become and intuitive eater. Listen to your body; it knows. Eventually you won’t want to eat anything processed, sugary or unhealthy.

We all have an inbuilt intuition and knowledge of what good healthy food is and when we obey this intuition along with good quality exercise all our hormones will balance out, blood sugar levels will stabilize, we’ll sleep well and feel great!

The weight loss always follows!

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