Step over the line.

How to move your body into its (rightful) lean space forever.

You can spend years going backwards and forwards with your health and fitness goals (and in particular, your weight). Or you can choose to step over that line and into a ‘new body’ for life. And I’m here to tell you that the choice lies entirely in your capable hands.

Now unless I’ve read my science and research incorrectly, there is no reason why every women out there cannot achieve a fit, healthy and lean body – no matter what their age! Muscle gains do not acknowledge age. Muscle loss comes with age! You are the boss of the outcome!

Here’s the typical scenario I witness with so many women. The left of the line is what I call the ‘getting there’ phase. You’re always on a new diet or fitness regime and looking for that quick fix. A constant yo-yo-go-round where you may get close to stepping over that line, but never quite make it. Clearly, if you spend most of your precious time going on unrealistic diets and gruelling exercise regimes one week, then fall on the ground in exhaustion the following week, your body is going to say NO MORE!  Your confused metabolism (the key to weight loss) will simply slow right down into conservation mode due to inconsistency. 

There is nothing your metabolism favours more than routine, consistency and ….…. muscle.

Alright – so how do we step over from the left of the line and into the right? I call this the ‘maintenance’ part. When you achieve this your body will be in an entirely new space and you’ll basically never have to worry about your weight again.

Stop dieting and be realistic about your nutrition and exercise regime. The all-or-nothing mindset does not work. Eat a healthy, varied diet most of the time and if you do go off track, do not allow this to turn into a downward spiral. Simply press the delete button and keep moving forwards. Add some lean muscle to your body and your metabolism will ignite itself as you cross that line. Incredibly, you’ll find your body will start to work for you. You’ll find you’re able to eat more without gaining weight and you’ll feel fitter, stronger and energised. This is what maintenance looks like.

No matter what your age, where you are on your fitness journey, or how many diets you’ve been on – stepping over the line is possible for absolutely everyone.  

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