On The Rebound

Jump your way to health on the rebounder.

One of my favourite quotes is “What I know could fill a library; what I don’t know could fill a rugby field”.  An apt quote relative to life, business, career, health and fitness – you never stop learning. 

On a recent course with rebounduk; this was truly the case and one of the most exciting courses I have ever trained on! I’ve always promoted the rebounder and assumed I knew everything there was to know; but just banked a whole bag full of new information on this little beauty being hailed as a ‘miracle exercise’ by authorities in the scientific (including NASA) and health and fitness world .

So, let’s talk everything rebound and hopefully jump for joy!

Rebounding allows the muscles to go through the full range of motion at equal force, producing fewer injuries, and increases proprioception – which has been shown to minimize recurrence of sports injuries to the joints. 

The number one health benefit of rebounding is Lymph drainage.  The Lymphatic system is spread throughout the body in a complex network of organs, tissue, capillaries, veins and ducts. In short, it is a vital garbage removal system. To ensure good lymph circulation, we simply need to keep active and breathe deeply on a regular basis since it does not have it’s own pump and relies on movement. 

And one of the best ways to boost lymph circulation is rebound exercise.  No other activity can offer lymph drainage with so much effect, ease, enjoyment – and availability (it’s like having a team of Lymphatic masseurs available to do lymph drainage massage whenever you want).  Ladies think anti-cellulite!!

Here’s how:

· As you bounce and accelerate upwards, the lymph valves close, forcing the fluid upward and building the pressure.

· At the top of the bounce the valves open, allowing the fluid to move forward into the next chamber.

· At the bottom of the bounce, the valves close, allowing the pressure to build once again.

In addition, every single cell receives a gentle ‘squeeze’, clearing waste build up and allowing oxygen and essential nutrients to enter.  That’s roughly 65 – 80 trillion cells (each and every one) being strengthened. This innocent little ‘squeeze’ is at the very core of anti-ageing.

The rebounder is also a great tool for balance and postural improvement and this happens involuntary as the unstable surface forces the muscles to engage.

Just four minutes of gentle bouncing will circulate the lymph system at least once, while just two minutes can flush the extracellular environment of fluid, waste and other build up.  Short frequent sessions throughout the day will ensure that lymph keeps flowing and cells stay healthy. Normally, the lymph fluid circulates completely through the body only twice every twenty-four hours. 

And if that’s not enough, here’s just another bonus of rebounding. You can squat and lunge to your heart’s desire until you decide you won’t be able to walk the next day. Except, YOU WILL! A gentle bounce after your rebound squat session (or any other intense exercise) will dissipate all lactic acid from your body and you’ll be free from all and any exercised induced pain! 

A word of caution; do not bounce on a cheap rebounder which does not offer a spring system to give you the correct bounce and/or is not the right weight for safe, stable exercising.  My personal recommendation is ReboundUK.

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