How to stay in shape on your vacation.

A sensible approach.

Thank you for the many requests received about how to keep your body from going ‘pear-shaped’ over the holiday season. Here is some ‘real and do-able’ advice which has always worked for me and my clients.

  • Leave for your hols with a good attitude. Your body and mind could do with some well-deserved R&R. Feeling guilty every time you see an ice-cream or have a glass of wine will definitely ruin it for you! Guilt is a useless emotion, therefore do not feed it
  • If you already have a fit, healthy (or even fairly healthy) body, it will easily deal with reasonable holiday indulgences. Research tells us that it takes 15 weeks to lose 50% of your current fitness levels and strength gains. So really, 2 weeks off will hardly dent your achievements.
  • However (according to the same research) when you do return to your normal routine hit it hard with vigour and intensity. Within a few sessions your body will be as strong as ever!
  • Guilt and aesthetics aside – Keeping active whilst on vacation will make you feel so much better and keep you energised. This will incentivise you to want to continue moving your body.
  • Walking is such a great way to stay lean, so aim to walk the recommended 10 000 steps at least four days a week and whilst out and about find some hills/stairs and give your butt a blast!
  • Any holiday activities are great and will contribute towards your recommended step count. 
  • Swimming in the sea and running barefoot on the beach will give you the added benefits of grounding – a powerful health benefit. 
  • If you’re really in the mood, then try a 10 minute HIIT routine three days a week and this will take care of any holiday bloat.
  • If you’re away for longer than a week, I would highly recommend you do some stretching or join a yoga class to keep your body flexible. Even a 5 minute stretch will suffice. 
  • When it comes to the eating side of things you do not need to be a champion with the knife and fork. I truly believe if you are interested in your health, you’ll intuitively opt for healthier choices.
  • Try to make informed healthier food options and if you do fancy something decadent, enjoy it, press the delete button and move on. I cannot stress this point enough!
  • Do make sure you hydrate and the only fluid which truly hydrates the body is plain, still water! Ensure you get through 2 litres per day.
  • If you must drink alcohol, choose wisely and be mindful of the amount you are consuming. I personally enjoy a glass of wine or two with a meal whilst on holiday, and perhaps a croissant in the mornings. I won’t deprive myself of these little joys but will avoid all other sugars and drinks in order to enjoy these.
  • Consider taking a milk thistle supplement to support your liver.

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