How to maximize your most powerful ‘Lean & Growth’ hormone!

Human Growth Hormone – The Rules

Eight years ago I stumbled upon an 11 minute HIIT routine which promised to burn more fat off the body than running on a treadmill for 2 hours. Had the research not been so credible, I may well have deleted the post and missed out on one of the most profound exercise programmes I have ever done! Originally designed and researched by the legendary fitness professional Phil Campbell, I went on to fine-tune the workout and have been teaching it to woman around the globe with such incredible results, I myself am astounded.

Many of you following me on Zoom are getting lean, toned and sweaty with me as we release exercise induced human growth hormone (HGH) into our bodies, turning them into powerful, fat burning machines for at least two hours – provided you don’t stop the release of HGH.

Now, listen up! There are certain rules you can do to help….or hurt this amazing release of HGH – before, during, and after exercise. That is if you are serious about your health, keeping lean and maintaining your youth.

Apply the following strategies before, during, and after fitness training, and you’ll maximize exercise induced HGH release.

BEFORE Training – Don’t eat a high fat meal. Research is definite on the fact that high fat meals trigger an increase in “somatostatin” a hormone which shuts down HGH.

DO eat some carbohydrates to fuel intensity. Researchers agree that eating a healthy slow release type carb before exercise will help fuel workout intensity. It should however be a small portion and eaten at least half an hour before exercise commences. A small banana or half a cup of cooked oats is an example. This however is not mandatory – it’s your choice.

DURING training drink lots of water. Yep research indicates that inadequate water intake during this training will “significantly” reduce the HGH response to exercise.

AFTER training AVOID sugar, fruit and carbohydrates for 2 hours. This two-hour period after the sprints is when the actual fat burning takes place, and therefore very important in maximizing exercise-induced growth hormone. Consuming any of the above foods will totally obliterate the HGH – what a waste!

DO take 25 grams of Protein after training. Protein utilization increases during the recovery period. Therefore, a high protein meal or a protein supplement containing 25 grams of protein after Sprintone8 or any of my classes is a wise strategy to increase lean tissue and reduce body fat.

Put your trainers on, stand up and pay attention to this amazing FITNESS HORMONE! And at all costs …. don’t be tempted to hit the sugar station!

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