Fit, Lean & Healthy. It’s Your Choice.

Fast-track your knowledge on how create your best body possible.

Ladies you’re your own laboratory experiment when it comes to getting your body shaped up. Fortunately I’ve been there, albeit the long way round, and I’d like to save you the painful journey I endured.

Allow me to fast-track you by arming you with the knowledge necessary to create the body you’ve always dreamed of. If you have the desire for change, make that commitment and focus on the end result. Understand that you are going to have good and bad days and how you manage that is your choice. After all, we experience this in most aspects of our life. At times, I too have to drag myself to class but always feel better afterwards. Air fist pump moment!

Exercise comprises of three components; cardiovascular, strength and flexibility. “Okay that’s all well and good but which bit works what?” I hear you say. Well they all have a very important part to play and for ultimate results you’ll need to implement all three, but here’s the catch: Getting the formula right is key, which means you can’t just decide to run as your chosen form of exercise and expect an all-over toned body. Muscle imbalances will surely catch up with you, so adding strength and flexibility training would be imperative. Equally, doing a yoga class would be beneficial for flexibility and relaxation but would not give you the desired results since you would need to add strength and cardiovascular training to create more balance. Many exercisers make the mistake of impressively pumping out hundreds of stomach crunches and bicep curls but elude aerobic and flexibility training. The formula is to train SMART and a lot easier than you think.

If your goal is to be fit, lean, vital and healthy you can acquire this by doing three or four hours of quality exercise per week alongside a healthy eating regime. Make that decision to get your body moving again. Activate that decision by knowing what your end goal is. Get informed and know what works and what doesn’t. Keep following my posts and I’ll help you understand your body and how to get it into shape forever. Starting with beginner through to advanced exercisers.

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