Diet or exercise for weight loss?

Find out which one has the biggest impact on weight loss.

Are abs really made in the kitchen or is it down to a hundred grueling stomach crunches a day? It’s often said that diet accounts for about eighty percent of a healthy, fit body and twenty percent from exercise.

Clearly diet is one of the fundamental strategies for taking control of your health, as you simply cannot out-exercise your mouth! And I tend to agree with this to a degree but  as time passes with your health and fitness regime, I believe the dynamics change, for the better!

At the outset of your weight loss goals, diet certainly is the key player and will continue to be for some time. However when your body steps over the line from the ‘struggling’phase and into the ‘maintenance phase exercise will play a huge role at keeping the weight off.

With new found lean tissue and a faster metabolism your body requires greater energy at rest and will  burn fat (at rest) nine times faster than fat tissue. Quite simply it becomes a fat burning machine and you’ll find you’re able to eat much more than previously without any weight gain. What every woman wants!

Whilst I’m certainly not suggesting you go back to eating junk and processed food it’s refreshing to know that when you do go off track, exercise will kindly step in and keep stock of the excess calories!

Bottom line (quite literally), the key to long term weight loss is having lean tissue on your body. Therefore, it makes sense to train with this goal in mind.

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