Acid & Alkaline Balance.

Balancing your pH will dramatically improve every area of your health!

It comes down to simple chemistry – the food we eat, the fluid we drink – our lifestyle choices.

The pH balance of the body is fundamental to our health, balancing all other systems and bringing the body back to vitality. Paying attention to your pH has an immediate and positive effect on your body. We function optimally when our pH is correct. Our ideal pH is 7.30 -7.45 with a pH less than 7 being considered acidic and greater than 7 alkaline. A balanced pH will enable your body to buffer harmful acids and keep all systems operating well. You can test your pH with litmus paper first thing in the morning.

Early signs and symptoms of being on the acidic side are; general fatigue, painful joints, low immunity, poor skin, hair and nail quality.

Arthritis means “inflammation of the joint”. Both forms of arthritis are related to pH balance and accumulation of acid deposits in the joints and wrists. Excessive acid can cause your body to take alkalinizing minerals from your bones. In short, acidity causes inflammation that can lead to disease, bone loss, osteoporosis and osteopenia.

The most common cause of acid load is a lack of water which activates deep cleansing of the blood via the kidneys. The top five acidic substances in the modern diet are the ones we generally tend to love the most and are easily addictive; sugar, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks and refined flour-based products. Thereafter, it’s large quantities of animal protein and dairy products. Nicotine and stress are other major contributors to an acidic state.

The correct and quickest way to get this balance back and alkalinize yourself is to increase your vegetable and fruit intake and decrease the above acid-forming foods. I recommend a healthy balance of 2 fruits and 4 to 5 cups of vegetable servings a day (preferably raw, juiced or steamed). Seriously, just try and add a big bunch of salad or greens to your meals every day!



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